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Tai Chi and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a long-term illness with a wide range of symptoms, the most common being extreme tiredness. It may be a daunting task for those suffering from CFS to engage in physical activities, but Tai chi – a Chinese martial art that focuses on slow, controlled movements and deep breathing – proves to be beneficial. Here’s how:

1. Improves physical function

Tai chi requires slow, gentle movements which are less taxing on the body thus improving the overall physical function in individuals with CFS.

2. Encourages relaxation and reduces stress

The deep breathing and slow movements of Tai chi help reduce stress and anxiety levels, which can particularly benefit those suffering from CFS. It relaxes the mind and body, aiding better sleep and rest – both key elements in combating CFS.

3. Enhances energy and mood

Tai chi practice helps to improve fatigue symptoms and uplifts mood, making it a good energy booster for CFS patients.

4. Increases strength and endurance

Regular practice of Tai chi might strengthen muscles, boost endurance and reduce the feeling of tiredness in individuals with CFS, improving their overall quality of life.

5. Boosts immune system

Studies suggest that regular practice of tai chi can improve immune function, potentially lowering the chances of secondary infections commonly seen in people with CFS.