What helped you out of burnout?

This is the page where we’re keen to collect all of your burnout stories! If you’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or a serious burnout please do share below.

We’re especially interested in what your symptoms were in the run up to burnout, during it, and what has helped you feel better.

It can be alienating to sign off from work, to lay in bed and do the, (sometimes hard), work of healing. You’re not alone. Please do share a few words in the comment of this post so that we can work together to help each other out of burnout.

Comment below, we’re keen to hear:

  • What symptoms you had in the run up to burnout.
  • What burnout felt like.
  • What do you think caused your burnout?
  • What did the people around you do when you burned out?
  • What helped/helps you feel better?
  • What’s life like for you now?

Thanks for sharing!

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