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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that lasts for at least six months and that can’t be fully explained by an underlying medical condition. The fatigue worsens with physical or mental activity, but doesn’t improve with rest. B-complex vitamins are known for their role in energy production, detoxification, and maintenance of nerve structures and function, so they’re a sensible choice to support you while you are burned out (with CFS or ME).

Energy Production: One of the primary uses of B Complex Vitamins is to assist in converting the food we eat into glucose, which is converted into energy. For patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, taking B complex vitamins could potentially provide an increase in energy levels, reducing symptoms of fatigue.

Detoxification: Especially vitamin B3 and Folate (B9) are crucial for the detoxification processes in the body which can help to eliminate potential toxins causing a chronic fatigue.

Nerve Function: B-complex vitamins are also vital for the health and maintenance of our nervous system. B12 and B1 have been found to support nerve function directly which is often deteriorated in chronic fatigue sufferers.

While B Complex Vitamins may alleviate some symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, they are not a cure for the underlying condition.

See our pages on Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12 individually.

B Complex Vitamins For Burnout Feat
  • Supports energy production
  • Enhances neurological function
  • Reduces fatigue levels
  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Aids red blood cell production

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Important Note: This information serves as a guideline only and should NOT replace specialist advice. Always consult your doctor, pharmacist or a health care professional like a nutritionist before starting any new treatment.

B Complex Vitamins Dosage for Chronic Fatigue

Remember, everyone’s body responds differently to vitamins. What works for one person might not work for you. If you feel that your symptoms persist or get worse, schedule a visit to a health professional. Remain safe and healthy!

While there are no officially established dosages for B complex vitamins specifically for the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the daily recommended intake for the average adult for each B vitamin, according to National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, are as follows:

Vitamin Recommended daily amount
B1 (Thiamin) 1.2 mg for men, 1.1 mg for women
B2 (Riboflavin) 1.3 mg for men, 1.1 mg for women
B3 (Niacin) 16 mg for men, 14 mg for women
B5 (Pantothenic acid) 5 mg
B6 (Pyridoxine) 1.3 mg (age 50 or younger), 1.7 mg (men over 50), 1.5 mg (women over 50)
B7 (Biotin) 30 mcg
B9 (Folate) 400 mcg
B12 (Cobalamin) 2.4 mcg

Please note that these are general guidelines, and individual requirements may vary. Always consult your healthcare provider for specific recommendations based on your individual circumstances.

B Complex Vitamins Benefits for Chronic Fatigue

  • Boosts cellular energy production
  • Supports nervous system health
  • Regulates mood, reduces anxiety
  • Strengthens immune system response
  • Maintains healthy red blood cells

B complex vitamins can benefit someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the following reasons:

  1. Energy Production: B vitamins are essential for converting food into energy, which can help alleviate the fatigue associated with CFS.

  2. Nervous System Support: B vitamins, particularly B12 and B6, are important for the health of the nervous system, potentially improving neurological symptoms that accompany CFS.

  3. Mood Regulation: Certain B vitamins are involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters that regulate mood, which may help manage the depression and anxiety that often occur in CFS patients.

  4. Immune Function: Some B vitamins, such as B6, play a role in immune system function. An improved immune response may help reduce the likelihood of infections, which can exacerbate CFS symptoms.

  5. Cell Health: B vitamins are vital for the maintenance of healthy blood cells. Healthy red blood cells are necessary for oxygen transport, which is crucial for energy and can impact fatigue levels.

What does B Complex typically Contain?

B Complex is a blend of B vitamins. Many of these are available individually in supplements. The following is an example from Solgar 100 B Complex:

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
  • Vitamin B12

B Complex & CFS: The Science

Vitamin B status in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome |

Investigation of the functional status of B vitamins in chronic fatigue syndrome patients compared to healthy controls.

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A study looking into the effects of multivitamin-mineral supplementation on chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

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Examines the impact of vitamin B12 on symptom severity and psychological aspects of fibromyalgia, relevant due to symptom overlap with CFS.

Nutrition and Chronobiology as Key Components of Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Interventions for Fibromyalgia and Associated Chronic Fatigue Syndrome |

This review discusses the role of nutrition, including B vitamins, in managing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Integrated ‘omics analysis for the gut microbiota response to moxibustion in a rat model of chronic fatigue syndrome |

Analyzes the gut microbiota’s response to treatment in a chronic fatigue syndrome model, where B vitamins play a critical role.

A real-world evidence study evaluating consumer experience of Supradyn Recharge or Supradyn Magnesium and Potassium during demanding periods |

Looks at the efficacy of Supradyn products, which contain B vitamins, in relieving fatigue during high-demand periods.

Natural Sources Of Vitamins B Complex

Natural sources of B Complex Vitamins

B complex vitamins can be found in a variety of foods:

  • Whole Grains: Such as brown rice and barley, are a good source of B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, and B5.
  • Meat and Eggs: Red meat, poultry, and eggs are all rich in B vitamins, especially B2, B3, B6, B12, and pantothenic acid.
  • Seafood: Options like salmon and clams are very high in B vitamins, especially B12.
  • Milk Products: Cheese, milk, and yogurt are all great sources of B2 and B12.
  • Leafy Greens: Foods such as spinach and kale are rich in several B vitamins, including B2, B6, B9, and pantothenic acid.
  • Fruits: Many fruits, especially avocados and bananas, from where we can get different types of vitamin B, in particular B6.
  • Beans and Lentils: They are packed with B1, B5, B6, and B9.
  • Nuts and Seeds: Almonds, sunflower seeds, and other nuts and seeds are rich in various types of vitamin B including B1, B2, B3, and pantothenic acid.

Our favourite B Complex Vitamins brand

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