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One of the several symptoms associated with CFS is a persistent or reoccurring sore throat. In fact, according to many research studies, a significant proportion of patients with CFS report having chronic sore throats.

Features of Sore Throat in CFS

The sore throat in CFS is often severe and may not necessarily be linked to a common condition such as a cold or flu. Some key features of a sore throat associated with CFS include:

  • The throat can feel sore or scratchy and might be more noticeable during periods of exertion or stress.
  • The sore throat may come and go frequently, and it may last for extended periods.
  • Throat discomfort could be accompanied by swollen lymph nodes.


The exact cause of CFS and its associated symptoms, like a sore throat, is still unknown. Various theories exist, with some researchers suggesting that it might be caused by a viral infection, psychological stress, or a combination of factors.


There is currently no cure for CFS. The treatment goals are typically aimed at symptom relief. For a sore throat, this may include the use of over-the-counter pain relievers, gargling with warm salt water, and staying hydrated.

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